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The Lisa project (or MentDB Strong technically) is developed by Jimmitry Payet only. It's a project too big for one man. It must be supported by an entity that has a lot of means to speed things up.

This project has chances of achieving intellectual equality man / machine (see even the singularity), and the sacrifices made by its creator to develop this system is the proof.

That's why the system is on sale for the sum of 50.000.000 euros. Every year, 5.000.000 euros will be added each December 20, until a buyer (who will be able to prove that he can give the necessary boost) takes ownership of the project. It will take 50 years if necessary, but the research will continue!

If you know trusted funders and 'hight level', send them a link to this site.

If you are God, get down from your throne 5 minutes, and call me (with a French translator). When you go back, you will see even higher ...
    Home  >  MentDB Strong is for sale!
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