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In these times of COROV-19 pandemics, we have been able to see that, in emergencies like this, our systems, our countries, are not ready to fight quickly. However, this is not the first pandemic that humanity has suffered. Far from there. And not to reassure anyone, we will never be immune to a new pandemic. And what's more, the pandemic is not the only threat that can fall on us ... There is the threat from the sky, a sufficiently large asteroid could cause even more damage. Remember that in 2012, we spotted an object only when it was moving away from us. If he had knocked, we would have only had: the surprise of our lives. And there is other threats ...
Smart Earth
The main reason we are not ready is our lack of anticipation, and the cause of this lack of anticipation is: individualism. I speak there on a large scale. At the country level. Each for either, each country hides behind its borders and applies its own rules. Except that if the neighboring country is not, does not do the same, the expected effects on the country in question will never be optimal. There will always be undesirable effects that will corrupt the smooth running of the decision. It's like Smart Cities, which is a good start for me, but to be really effective, all cities must do it, otherwise neighboring cities that are not yet there will pollute efficiency of the one who will already be there. When all of the cities are Smart Cities, it will be nothing but Smart Earth. The ultimate connection. Technically a World Wide Data (WWD). We can no longer be dependent on others without any coordination.
International force

The two key words for the future are "collaboration" and "coordination". There are therefore too many "ifs", too many conditional these days. It's time to take it to the next level. We have the financial and scientific means. We have to break away from its confinement, I am not saying that borders must be opened, that is another subject. I say that we must, for the good of humanity, create an international force dependent on all countries at the same time, financed by all countries at the same time, where a large round table would be set up with 2 times the number of chairs that there is a head of state in the world. Each head of state would come to these emergency meetings with a representative of experts from his country. If they do not come, the 2 chairs must remain empty. So that the whole world can see who is not seated, who is not present. And that 2 chairs are waiting for them. For each major emergency like that of COVID-19 = gathering of heads of state / experts + decision-making all together + application of the same decisions to the whole planet. This international force should only be called upon in an emergency.
Unified decisions
There are experts who have spent their lives thinking about these emergencies. Contact them, they know better than anyone where extreme dangers can come from. We have to come together and make decisions by mutual agreement. Political decisions and especially expert decisions, because decisions taken without expertise at this level will lead us to our loss. When we close airports, the international force closes ALL airports in the world in 45 minutes maximum. No way there are still a few airports open (except for the international force). Otherwise, we lose efficiency. Smart Earth is the future, but it can only work if: "everyone cooperates and coordinates".

We are no longer children, act as adults. For the good of all, but especially for the good of our children, let's create "THE INTERNATIONAL FORCE"!

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