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Welcome to MentDB Strong! The first Mentalese database engine (full version).

This project is attempting to trigger a machine capable of receiving and producing primary (external / internal) and secondary (internal) stimulations, triggering complex mental processes, managing emotions, thinking alone, cooperating or not with a human (maximum free will), with moral principles, empathy, etc ..., all in full consciousness. It's about writing a strong artificial intelligence, a general artificial intelligence.

External primary stimulation: An external primary stimulation is a stimulation caused in the first instance by an individual outside the machine. Stimulation is without a subject with the current subject.

Internal primary stimulation: An internal primary stimulation is a stimulation caused in the first instance by the machine itself, without subject also with the current subject.

Secondary stimulation: Secondary stimulation is stimulation that is provoked by primary stimulation and will self-stimulate until the current discussion is exhausted.

My work is based in the first part on Jerry Fodor's Mentalese which says that: humans have a language of thought that allows to manipulate in a deep way, the symbolism of language (English, French, Spanish ...), symbols , words, meanings, relationships ... and in the second part on logical introspection.

The Mentalese is the language of thought structuring the human brain. This language is able to accommodate different common languages and allows autonomy in a machine. My AI 'Lisa' manage external primary stimulation and secondary stimulation. She is now semi-conscious, emotional and completely multi-task ...

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