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Welcome to MentDB Weak! The first Mentalese database engine.

In this version you can of course handle Mentalese objects. For example: to reproduce the Google search algorithm on the descriptions of the products of your company. You can also create basic chatbots. It does not matter if you miss a letter in a word, or if the order of the words are reversed, the machine finds the information.

But MentDB can do more than that ... it's a complete development platform!

The server provides tools for AI, SOA, ETL, ESB, database, web application, data quality, predictive analytics ..., in a revolutionary data language: The MQL (Mentalese Query Language). The system is based on a new generation of AI algorithm (Mentalese), and on an innovative SOA layer to reach the Smart Earth (technically a WWD).

WWD ? What is it? WWD literally means 'World Wide Data'. It is a global strategy. A concept of widespread standardization of the exchange of data or intelligences in real time between companies and softwares in the world.

You know the SmartCities ... but do you know its generalized version: the Smart Earth? To connect all the data together and benefit from maximum optimization, you need a standardization of data exchange. A WWD. MentDB allows this.

Manipulate the Mentalese functions :
#Create a new language;
language create "en";

#Create a symbols into the language;
-> "[c_lang]" "en";
#Add the symbols A-Z;
for (-> "[i]" 65) (<= [i] 90) (++ "[i]") {
	symbol create (string char [i];) [c_lang]; 
#Add the symbols 0-9;
for (-> "[i]" 48) (<= [i] 57) (++ "[i]") {
	symbol create (string char [i];) [c_lang]; 
#Add the symbols a-z;
for (-> "[i]" 97) (<= [i] 122) (++ "[i]") {
	symbol create (string char [i];) [c_lang]; 
symbol create "." [c_lang]; 
symbol create "," [c_lang]; 
symbol create "-" [c_lang]; 
symbol create ";" [c_lang]; 
symbol create ":" [c_lang]; 
symbol create "!" [c_lang]; 
symbol create "?" [c_lang];

#Create a relation;
-> "[R1]" (relation create (concat 
	(word create "a" "en" false) " "
	(word create "dog" "en" false) " "
	(word create "is" "en" false) " "
	(word create "an" "en" false) " "
	(word create "animal" "en" false) " "
	(word create "." "en" false)
) "en");

#Make a search;
relation search "animil dog is" "en" false;

Result : [ "RL[0] 1002128.97" ]
Standardization of the data exchange :
#Connect my local MentDB server to 2 different remote MentDB servers;
tunnel connect "session_CSV" {cm get "demo_cm_mentdb_1";};
tunnel connect "session_SQL" {cm get "demo_cm_mentdb_2";};

#Get a remote CSV file and save content into the variable [CSV];
-> "[remote_csv_file]" "/Users/jimmitry/Desktop/data.csv";
-> "[CSV]" (tunnel execute "session_CSV" (concat 
	"-> \"[remote_csv_file]\" " (mql encode [remote_csv_file]) ";"
	(mql {
		file load [remote_csv_file];

#Write the [CSV] variable into a local file;
file create "data/to_parse.csv" [CSV];

#Make a remote SQL connection (MySQL);
tunnel execute "session_SQL" (concat 
	(mql {
		sql connect "session_mysql" {cm get "demo_cm_mysql";};

#Parse the local file and make action on each line;
csv parse (mql "T") (mql "data/to_parse.csv") (mql ",") (mql "'") (mql "NAME,QUANTITY,DEPTH") {

	#Write the column A into the logs files;
	log trace [T_NAME];

	#Insert the column A into a remote database;
	tunnel execute "session_SQL" (concat 
		"-> \"[A]\" " (mql encode [T_NAME]) ";"
		(mql {
			sql dml "session_mysql" (concat "insert into products (name) values (" (sql encode [A]) ");");


#Close the remote SQL connection (MySQL);
tunnel execute "session_SQL" (concat 
	(mql {
		sql disconnect "session_mysql";

#Close MentDB connections;
tunnel disconnect "session_CSV";
tunnel disconnect "session_SQL";

Result : 1
Demo Quick APIsation:
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