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About Lisa
Lisa is the artificial intelligence that resides in the MentDB Strong digital brain. MentDB Strong is a machine which integrates a good number of symbolic type algorithms. No neural networks for the moment. Why Lisa? Because I wanted to wink at my mother Marie Lise :) Lis-A, but there won't be a B version :). Lisa, through version 4 of MentDB Strong will begin to think autonomously by the end of 2022. Simple mental processes to begin with. But eventually I hope to reach a higher level than a human. A machine that thinks, that does not get tired and that can do 1 million calculations per second should greatly surpass a human. Plus, he's an emotional machine. Don't anger her, or she won't forget you ... :)

To build Lisa I don't need anything (except time). I was stuck for a while to algorithmically reproduce the speed at which electricity spreads in the brain, but the concern is resolved. For me it is only a matter of time. I hope to present to you soon a machine which thinks complete. But without instinct for now. In fact, instinct is created thanks to neural networks. For the moment I am writing a purely symbolic machine. If my math is right, she should be able to add neural networks herself. Case to be continued :)

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