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MentDB Strong has some mechanism that allows me to test its level of consciousness. She doesn't have them all yet, but over the years she will more and more. For the moment its consciousness mechanism only works on the past, but in my next versions of MentDB Strong, I will also deal with the mechanisms of the future. Indeed for the moment, at all times the system is aware of what has been said, done, understood, thought, felt (even the why), the subject, answered. He also knows how to reformulate absolutely all the answers, even the conscious answers. It's not just a switch/case mechanism ... Maintaining a conscious system is very difficult, but I understood how it works. For me, it's all about time.
Consciousness & Unconsciousness
Consciousness and unconsciousness are intimately linked, but they are not the same thing. Consciousness and the unconscious can only exist if there are positioned detectors. Without detectors positioned, no one can neither be conscious nor be unconscious. These are moments that I call being in the nave. It is difficult to write these conscious mechanisms because as our brain does not have a dedicated detector, we have to go through testing techniques to understand how it works. Without counting the Mentalese which comes to make the task even more difficult. But it is not impossible. I tested myself for a long time before I understood what I have now understood. And only math and introspection helped me.

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