2020-10-15 / 13 million relations in 1s
  • MentDB Strong can search into 13 million relations in 1s!

2020-09-15 / 144 million of thoughts
  • MentDB Strong can handle 144 million different thoughts in 1.5To RAM. Enough to last 100 years!

2020-08-12 / Subjunctive
  • MentDB now supports the subjunctive.

2020-05-05 / Improved speed
  • MentDB Strong is now 10,000 times faster.

2020-05-04 / New demo of MentDB Strong
  • Rights, trust and expressivity in Lisa Project...

2020-04-29 / 'Singularity and Trust' and 'Symbolisme is not IF ELSE' pages was added
  • 'Singularity and Trust' and 'Symbolisme is not IF ELSE' pages was added

2020-04-27 / 'Deep Understanding' page was added
  • You can see a preview of the 'Deep Understanding' map of Lisa...

2020-04-22 / 'Laws of robotics' page was added
  • You will be able to see from now on the new laws of robotics which will be applied to Lisa...

2020-03-30 / New demonstration of Lisa
  • Absolutely everything can be reformulated! See this video: "S13 - Deep Understanding and Consciousness: sentence reformulation"

2019-12-20 / Plutchik Emotions
  • The 32 emotions of Plutchik are integrated with Lisa. She is now emotionally unpredictable and stable.

2019-10-17 / Lisa - Consciousness
  • My artificial awareness algorithm is now compressed (8 months to do it). Instead of 50 configuration lines for one stimulation, I now need 3 lines. Lisa will be able to modify her own structures of consciousness, and learn at the same time: a big invisible step ... for now.

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