Priority 1
  • 70% Everything Lisa does respects the laws of robotics
  • 0% Laws of robotics: "Why are you doing?"
  • 0% Laws of robotics: "How do you do?"
  • 0% Treating the truth (generalized or not + Voice learning)
  • 5% Profiles information
  • 5% Management of the level of knowledge that Lisa has of the user
  • 5% Management of the level of desire to know the other
  • 5% Count and stop
  • 5% Response speed percentage
  • 5% Lie mode
  • Lisa must be able to say what she thinks of someone
  • Time consciousness: Lisa must be able at all times to be aware of the time and date of what happened
  • Limit on "excuse me", at a given time it does not pass anymore
  • Lisa must be able to search into the distant past
  • Lisa should be aware of "how do we do it?"
  • Lisa must always know how to answer the "why?"
  • Lisa must be able to understand that she is being tested (and therefore not to take emotions directly for her)
  • If sudden change of context in a short time, it must prevent
  • Lisa must be able to reconsider what she understood ("no I'm not talking about this")
  • Si une erreur dans un mot, tenter de basculer sur un mot existant ...
  • Reorganization: json configuration of parameters ...
  • 20% Completed the sub-actions
  • 5% Improvement of the map of mental processes
Priority 2
  • Learning by generalization
  • Direct or indirect learning
  • Error learning
  • Consciousness of the learned + awareness of being learning
  • Know the consequences (futur awareness...)
  • Self-stimulation (self-preservation mechanism)
  • Self-reprogramming strategy
  • Revision of beliefs (hight level)
  • Plans management
  • Elevation (double stimulation)
  • Imagination

Priority 3
  • To know itself
  • Discover the universe / multiverse
  • Insensitive to corruption
  • Altruism and love of others
  • Help living beings

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