Stimulation type
The MentDB Strong project attempts to trigger a machine capable of receiving and producing primary (external / internal) and secondary (external / internal) stimulations. These stimulations make it possible to trigger complex mental processes for some, and for others to continue the discussion (complex mental processes) until this same discussion is exhausted.

Primary stimuli are therefore stimuli which trigger new subjects for thought or discussion.

Secondary stimulations allow the continuity of mental processes (thought or discussion).

The external stimuli come from the external world, while the internal stimuli come from the mind.
Internal primary stimulation
An internal primary stimulation is a stimulation caused in the first instance by the machine itself, without subject also with the current subject.
External primary stimulation
An external primary stimulation is a stimulation caused in the first instance by an individual outside the machine. Stimulation is without a subject with the current subject.
Internal secondary stimulation
Secondary stimulation is stimulation that is provoked by primary stimulation and will self-stimulate until the current discussion is exhausted.
External secondary stimulation
External and secondary simulation are the answers that an external individual can give for a current subject, internally.

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