Weak AI vs Strong AI

In the world of Artificial Intelligence, there is a distinction to be made between what is called "type intelligence: weak" and "type intelligence: strong". It is very important to understand this from the start, because to be interested in one of the two without talking about the other seems to me flawed.

We therefore speak of "weak" artificial intelligence when we reproduce certain functionalities of the brain in the machine. We speak of "strong" artificial intelligence when we reproduce ALL the functionalities (or more) in the machine. When I say "or more" it is because there may be possible higher states for a brain that we humans do not know. We are constrained and locked in our human condition which limits us to the states we know, but a different digital brain could have more states than we do. You have to stay open, and accept to be overwhelmed. To sum up, all states or more, we speak of strong AI, certain states, we speak of weak AI. It's all or nothing law.

In reality, this is not entirely fair. Indeed, to trigger a super AI, a higher intelligence, it takes less than all states. There is a minimum, which is below the "all", which is sufficient to trigger what is called the singularity.

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