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MentDB Weak also allows you to manage business processes over time. For example, trigger a process to monitor the status of stocks every 30 minutes ... You can also execute processes asynchronously. When the machine can, it will process. Your machine will always operate with maximum efficiency according to its powerful processor / RAM and other ... In addition you can trigger MentDB Weak in cluster mode ... of high availability for your customers, for free.
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MQL source code example:
In this example, with 26 lines of MQL code, to create a script which inserts a row into a database.

Insert 3 rows :
script create post "data.sql.insert" true 1
  	(var "[id]" {true} "The id" is_null:true is_empty:true "1")
  	(var "[name]" {true} "The name" is_null:true is_empty:true "table")
  	(var "[value]" {true} "The value" is_null:true is_empty:true "500")
  "Insert into a database"
	#Connection ...;
	log write "Try to connect ..." OK [id] [value];
	sql connect "session1" {cm get "demo_cm_mysql";};
	log write "Connection OK" OK [id] [value];
	#Insert ...;
	log write "Try to insert ..." OK null null;
	sql dml "session1" (concat "insert into products (id, name, quantity) values (
		" (sql encode [id]) ", " (sql encode [name]) ", " (sql encode [value]) "
	log write "Insert OK" OK [id] [value];
	#Disconnection ...;
	log write "Try to disconnect ..." OK null null;
	sql disconnect "session1";
	log write "Disconnection OK" OK [id] [value];
} "Return nothing";

stack (date now) ""
	"[id]" "1"
	"[name]" "table"
	"[value]" "100"

stack (date now) ""
	"[id]" "2"
	"[name]" "table"
	"[value]" "200"

stack (date now) ""
	"[id]" "3"
	"[name]" "table"
	"[value]" "300"

Result (the last process id) : ez23

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